Key visitor facilities

In addition to the key attractions for visitors listed under natural environment and cultural environment there is also a range of facilities for visitors, many of them also well-used by residents. These include:

  • Accommodation
  • Places to eat and drink
  • Retail
  • Services

In Scotland and in the Cairngorms National Park, new organisations called Destination Management Organisations (DMOs) have started up, led by the private sector with financial help from the public sector. They aim not only to market and promote their area, but also to manage the customer experience, through involvement in the “visitor journey”. The visitor journey starts when potential visitors first look for information and progresses through booking, travelling, the experience while in the area (the holiday, short break or day trip), and then afterwards through the DMO staying in touch to tell the visitor about new developments and events and encourage them to visit again, and ideally also to recommend the area to friends and colleagues.

A new approach has now been pioneered in the Cairngorms National Park with DMO’s, Chambers of Commerce and specific marketing groups joining together to form a ‘Cairngorms Business Partnership’.  This not only gives one ‘shop window’ to potential visitors, whilst allowing each area to promote its distinct and often unique features, but allows key projects such as business research (The Business Barometer ), customer experience training (DOVE ) and an annual business conference to be delivered efficiently and effectively across the whole Park.  Due to the nature of the political boundaries throughout the Park, two key DMO’s have interests both within and outwith Park boundaries.  Royal Deeside and the Cairngorms in the east includes the wider Deeside and Donside areas whilst the Speyside and Moray Coast DMO includes a small area of the Park around Glenlivet.

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