Tourism employment
There are approximately 1,200 individual tourism businesses operating in the Cairngorms National Park most of them directly or indirectly linked to tourism, and tourism accounts directly and indirectly for over 3,600 Full Time Equivalent (FTE) jobs.

Many tourism jobs are part-time, particularly jobs in accommodation businesses and places to eat and drink. Where two people each work part-time, say for half a day, five days a week, or for 2½ days a week, the two jobs together count as only one FTE job. People who only work in high season are called seasonal or temporary staff. Four seasonal staff each working a full five day week for the peak months from mid-June through July and August to mid-September (a total of 3 months or ¼ of a year) will also only count as one FTE job. This means that many more than 3,600 people are employed in tourism in the Park, over a third of the total 9,000 employees.

Some people have jobs indirectly linked to tourism – for example, they may work for the councils or other organisations providing the tourism infrastructure necessary for the area’s visitors.

Around 17,200 people live in the National Park, including retired people and children. It is therefore obvious that tourism offers employment to a large number of people of working age.