Cairngorms Visitor Survey

The Cairngorms Visitor Survey , published by the CNPA (Cairngorms National Park Authority) in 2005 from data collected in 2003 and 2004, gives us a lot of information about visitors to the Park, including:

  • How many visits to the Park each year? Around 1.4 million (estimate – no precise figures are available)
  • On holiday or what? Most visitors (62%) are on holiday or on a short break (and around half of these spend their whole holiday or break in the Park). Many (38%) are also day visitors
  • Families or what? Around a quarter of visitors (23%) have children with them. Almost half (43%) who are on holiday are over 55.
  • Where do they come from? Half of the Park’s visitors (50%) come from England, Wales and Northern Ireland, and a significant number (15%) are from overseas. Almost half (44%) on a short break are from Scotland, and almost half (45%) of day visitors are Park residents.
  • How much do they spend in the Park? Each short break visitor spends £69 each day of their visit (average; 2003-4 prices).
  • Why do they come? Half (50%) go walking while in the Park (but not only hill walking, low level walks are also important) and a fifth (20%) take part in other outdoor activities. More than half (56%) spend time sightseeing.
  • What is important to them in the Park? The quality of the environment is by far the most important element for all visitors.
  • What do they like best about the Park? Highly rated are spectacular views, wide open spaces, trees and landscape colours, walks, the fresh, clean, unspoilt area, and wildlife. Friendly people also scored highly.
  • Are they satisfied with their visit to the Park? Most visitors (84%) give their visit 8, 9 or 10 out of 10. Almost 100% rate their visit at 5 out of 10 or better.
  • How do they find out about the Park? Most (55%) use info from a previous visit, some (17%) ask friends and relatives (word-of-mouth). Only 11% used the Internet (although this may have changed since the survey). Many (25%) also get information after they arrive in the Park.
  • The second Cairngorms National Park Visitor Survey has just been completed and the results will be out soon

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