Park Authority Powers

The CNPA can realise its aims by encouraging work that is positive for the National Park ("carrots") but it also has the powers ("sticks") to stop certain negative activity that is potentially detrimental to the special area.

The CNPA has “enabling” powers and incentives that support anything that will help it achieve its aims and that includes:
  • Giving to projects/activities that contribute to a better National Park.
  • Carrying out research, on a wide range of topics related to the Park aims
  • Encouraging businesses and communities to use the National Park brand
  • Helping provide good quality facilities for visitors to the Park
  • Providing information, educational services and facilities to promote understanding and enjoyment of the Park
  • Providing guidance to help people build or convert to sustainable houses of good design.
The CNPA also has some regulatory powers. These are formal powers that others need to comply with, to ensure that negative impacts to the environment are kept to a minimum. These include:

  • Dealing with planning decisions by for example, refusing permission for developments that would damage the landscape or wildlife habitats.
  • Removing obstructions to important paths or places where people can get access to the countryside.
The Authority also has a duty to:
  • Prepare a National Park Plan
  • Keep proper accounts and accounting records
  • Use its resources economically, efficiently and effectively
  • Set up advisory forums with the purpose of advising the Authority on any matter relating to its functions