National Park Partnership Plan

The National Park Partnership Plan (2012-17) is the overall management plan for the National Park.  The document sets out a vision for the area over a 25 year period and the polices and actions that should be followed if that vision is to be achieved.  The Plan sets out how the four aims of the National Park can be delivered in a coordinated way so that we can have a world class National Park.  It is relevant to everyone involved in the management or use of the National Park including:

  • Local communities including businesses, community councils, land managers, schools etc.
  • Local interest groups: wildlife, cultural heritage, interpretation etc.
  • Local Councils and other public agencies.
  • Tourists/visitors
  • Conservation/environmental organisations
  • Housing associations and developers.

The vision…imagine a world class National Park!

    • A sustainable economy supporting thriving businesses and communities
    • A special place for people and nature with natural and cultural heritage enhanced
    • People enjoying the Park through outstanding visitor and learning experiences

      This is the long-term vision for the Cairngorms National Park, continuing the direction set by the first National Park Plan (2007-12).

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