How the Park is Managed

Cairngorms National Park Authority

The Cairngorms National Park Authority (CNPA) became fully operational on 01 September 2003. It is designed to be mainly an ‘enabling’ organisation which involves encouraging other organisations to work together to create a world class National Park and giving leadership to others to make this happen.
Together with partners, and organisations that work in the Park, the CNPA wants to make sure that the qualities that make the Cairngorms National Park unique – the natural environment, the history of the area, the rare and iconic species and the local communities – are cared for, sustained and enhanced for current and future generations to enjoy.

The CNPA’s operating budget is provided by the Scottish Government – approved by the Scottish Parliament. This covers the Park Authority’s operational overheads, projects, initiatives and grant schemes. Additional funding is provided for individual projects and initiatives from other sources, ie European funding programmes and Heritage Lottery funding.

The CNPA has a Corporate Plan which sets out how the Park Authority allocates its resources and explains how it will help to deliver, with its partners, the National Park Partnership Plan and the Scottish Government's strategic objectives.

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