Cultural Heritage Project

The Challenge: How can we encourage the local communities in the Park to protect and share with others the special features of the way they live and have lived in this particular part of Scotland?

The Response: Develop a particular cultural heritage initiative with a dedicated member of staff to help guide communities about how best to take their projects forwards

A cultural heritage initiative in the Park has opened up opportunities for communities in the Park to showcase and develop their cultural heritage. Offering advice and support for community projects, the Community Heritage Officer acts as a resource for communities to realize their cultural heritage ambitions. By working with national and local agencies, such as Scotland’s Rural Past and local authorities, support networks are put in place for local groups to initiate projects. Through encouraging communities to share their experiences, individuals and groups build on their confidence and expertise to deliver projects.

The projects cover a wide range of topics. A popular approach is to record, archive and interpret oral history recordings of local memories. Communities are also keen to undertake archaeological digs of settlement areas. Other projects involve in-depth studies of the history of a particular topic, such as shinty or Newfoundlander loggers. Smaller scale projects can consist of the archiving of photographic records of an area or small exhibitions. Events include cultural heritage taster days to experience and learn about the music, song, dance and place names of local areas. There is no limit to the ideas and approaches to the projects, as long as they in some way celebrate the history of an area in the Park.

For more information contact the CNPA on 01479 873535.