Term name Description
WadersShorebirds that wade to get their food; some, e.g. oyster–catcher, snipe, dotterel, golden plover, nest in the uplands on the ground
Warm-based glacierA glacier that is not frozen to its bed and whose basal ice is constantly melting to produce meltwater. This lubricating layer of meltwater allows basal sliding and greater flow rates; both ice and water have the ability to modify the glacier bed
WeatherShort–term, daily, atmospheric conditions and changes in wind, rainfall, snow, hail, cloud cover and temperature
WindblowTrees that have been blown over by extreme gales; often seen on the edges of newly felled areas or where broadleaved trees are left standing in newly felled areas
WoodlandSmaller areas of woodland, in some contexts mainly referring to broadleaved or semi–natural tree cover