Term name Description
Land managerAny person whose work involves making decisions about how a piece of rural land should be managed – a farmer, a forester, a nature reserve manager
LapidaryThe pastime of collecting and polishing stones
LeachingRemoval of soil nutrients/minerals in solution down a soil profile, the most severe form of which is known as podsolisation
LekA communal arena where male grouse gather at dawn to spar for dominance and to attract females, who then mate with the dominant male
Less Favoured AreasA European Union designation for remote rural areas, enabling them to apply for development grants from dedicated funds
Low reliefA landscape dominated by small undulations rather than deeply and steeply incised features. Low relief can be found at high altitude, e.g. the Cairngorm plateau
Landscape Quality Assessment (LQA)A semi–objective process used by SNH and local councils used to assess and compare the quality of landscapes for the purposes of designation and protection