Term name Description
Dalradian rocksDalradian is a geological term that describes a series of metamorphic rocks.  The oldest Dalradian rocks in the Cairngorms are over 700 million years old.
DeflationThe process of removal and transport of loose material by the wind.
DepressionA depression is an area of low pressure and is associated with unsettled weather. There are warm and cold air masses in a depression.
DesignationA suite of UK, EU and global legally protected areas of natural heritage value, e.g. National Park (IUCN), Site of Special Scientific Interest (UK), Special Protection Area (EU)
DiatomsA class of single–celled algae with flinty shells. The shells survive after death, settling as deposits, which can later be analysed and from which the species can be identified and the environment deduced
Drystone dyke

A drystone dyke, (also known as a dry-stone hedge or rock fence) is a wall that is constructed from stones without mortar to bind them together. The wall is held up by the interlocking of the stones. Such walls are used, both in building construction and as field boundaries.

Debris flow

Debris flows occur when rain water begins to wash material from a slope or when water sheets off of a freshly burned stretch of land.