Peat bogs

There are two types of acid peat bog in the Cairngorms National Park – blanket bog and raised bog. They are both wetlands/mires fed only by rainfall and snow (ombrotrophic).

Blanket bog
Blanket bog is typical of cold, wet, high-level plateaux throughout northern Britain. It is not confined to flat ground but may occur on slopes up to a 30º gradient.

In the Park it is the second most extensive habitat type after heathland, covering 1242 km2. It represents 9% of the Scottish total area of blanket bog.

Blanket bog often forms a mosaic with wet heathland – a ling/cotton grass blanket mire. Blanket bog extends well into the montane zone – an outstanding example is on the Moine Mhor at 900 m altitude.

Raised bog
Raised bog consists of a dome of peat that is produced almost entirely from moss growth. They are restricted to level ground. There are only two known raised bogs in the Park area, both in Angus:
  • Balloch Moss;
  • Egno Moss.
They cover no more than 40 ha together, and are primary (uncut) bog, with deep peat and surface pools. There may be other raised bogs at higher altitude.