Marshland & bog

The variety of wetland habitats in the Cairngorms National Park is very important in natural heritage terms. Wetland habitats represent habitats that are becoming increasingly rare elsewhere in the UK, largely through drainage or peat extraction. The majority of wetlands in the Park are of natural origin and are, therefore, valuable conservation sites.

Wetlands are not discrete, but generally fit as a continuum between open water and dry land. They are also significant because of the history of surrounding succession, recorded by the pollen and diatoms preserved in the waterlogged sediments and peat deposits, and revealed through pollen and diatom analysis.

Catchment - Spey

Mesotrophic wetlands
Loch Insh, Loch Alvie and Loch Vaa (small areas)

Oligotrophic wetlands
Loch Morlich, Loch an Eilean

Catchment - Dee

Mesotrophic wetlands
Dinnet lochs

Oligotrophic wetlands
Loch Muick, Loch Callater