Habitats & Species

The Cairngorms National Park is special because it contains the best arctic-alpine landforms, habitats and species in Britain. This is one of the few places where wild nature is so easy to see and many of the plants and animals living here are at the extreme edges of their geographical ranges.

In other parts of Europe you have to travel great distances  to experience such wonderful woodland, open heath and alpine scenery but here you can walk through these in a single day. This is something we should never take for granted!

The great variety of habitats include the arctic-like environment of the high mountain plateaux, the extensive slopes and lower hills, and the wide, fertile and flat plains of the great rivers, such as the Spey, Don and Dee.

At first the Cairngorms National Park may seem to contain a bewildering number of habitats and species, but closer examination reveals an order and pattern to their distribution. This section looks at the main habitats and some of the very special plants, animals and invertebrates that live in them.

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